Supporting Women in Motorsport!

Alyssa Smith Jewellery- Supporting Women in Motorsport!

Women supporting women- such an uplifting and positive initiative to be a part of. With so much negativity in the world, sometimes it can feel like criticising each other takes over uplifting each other.
We absolutely love to support women in the motorsports industry.  It’s tough to complete in such a male dominated world, but we are pleased to see so many up and coming females setting a fabulous example to girls everywhere, not just in racing its self, but all other areas of motorsports too!
To have some hands-on involvement with these talented women, we’ve decided to share success stories from a select few of our favourite females in motorsports on a regular basis across our social media platforms so that we, (and you!) can follow their stories, and keep up with the happenings as they race through the season. We’re also thrilled that these women are also advocates for our own motorsports jewellery too! You can often see them sporting our jewellery on their own social media pages- which we’re thrilled about
Let us introduce you to the exceptional drivers who we are already supporting, and we hope you will join us in supporting them too- Even if you’re not into your motorsports, it’s great to see what women all over the world are achieving and helping to inspire the next generation of girls too! We are all about this and can’t stress enough how important it is to continue to inspire young people today- this is something really close to Alyssa’s heart.
Abbi Pulling
First up is Abbi Pulling, who we have been supporting/sponsoring since early 2018. We are really proud to be championing such a young and incredibly talented female racing driver.
Abbi began her racing career in 2012, at the age of just 8 years old!  She has gained a list of titles since then and has been Super One British Karting Champion two years running in 2017 and 2018 – the first junior to win back this title…Wow! In 2018, we watched Abbi make her car racing debut, taking part in 3 rounds of the Ginetta Junior Championship, which was on tv too.
On the 12th January 2019, Abbi won the GoldStars Junior Award for the 2018 Season, which was awarded by The British Women Racing Drivers' Club. One of our Flag necklaces was part of her prize haul (and believe us, she scooped some fantastic prizes!) Alyssa was really pleased to present Abbi with her prize, as the awards were held at the 2019 Autosport International show. This was the first time Alyssa and Abbi had actually met in person after months of speaking, and we have been so excited to see Abbi show off our logo on her custom-made racing suit, and on her cars too! Abbi can often be seen sporting our moving piston necklace, and lots of our charms on her bracelet, which she never takes off.
Well done Abbi on such awesome achievements in your career already! We cannot wait to see what the future holds!
You can find Abbi on Facebook – Abbi Pulling Karting
Twitter - @abbipulling
And Instagram - @AbbiPulling

Abbi and Alyssa at Autospeed International

Tatiana Calderon
Next up is Tatiana Calderon, who is definitely one to watch, and seems to be popping up everywhere these days! She also owns one of our Barcelona Catalunya sterling silver track necklaces and we hope she will treasure it- you can often see her wearing it on her social feeds too- it’s so sparkly!
Tatiana started racing go-karts at the age of nine, and was the first woman to win the national karting championships in Colombia and the United States…  Incredible! (Alyssa has never even been in a go kart!) At the age of 17, Tatiana progressed to car racing and has been doing amazing things ever since. Here’s a brief rundown of some of her very many highlights…
In 2011 she took two podiums at the Star Mazda Championship.
In 2014, Tatiana had a victory in the Florida Winter Series.
In the 2015–16 MRF Challenge Formula 2000 Championship, Tatiana was runner-up.
There is only one woman who has ever stood up on a British F3 International class podium, and that is Tatiana!  She is also the only woman to lead a lap in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship.
Since 2016 she has competed in the GP3 Series and is currently Test Drives for the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team, which makes her the first Latin-American woman to drive a Formula 1 car… So many firsts here!!!

Tatiana looking gorgeous in our necklace

If you don't follow Tatiana already, you definitely should! She has a huge following and some brilliant content!
Facebook – Tatiana Calderon
Twitter - @TataCalde
Instagram - @tatacalde7
Jamie Chadwick
More British talent over here with Jamie! We are so thrilled that British motor racing driver, Jamie Chadwick also owns one of our incredible race track necklaces! In August 2018, Jamie became the first female driver in history to win a BRDC British Formula 3 Championship race at Brands Hatch (we love brands hatch!) and it makes perfect sense that Jamie would own our Smith & Perry Brands Hatch track necklace, to commemorate this!
As with Abbi and Tatiana, Jamie started out in Karting in 2010 at the young age of 11.  She went on to achieve several wins and podiums in the Junior series at club level.
Jamie won the 2013 Ginetta Junior Scholarship (beating 60 other young racers) which funded her 2013 season. In 2015, she moved to the Senior categories and, along with team mate Ross Gunn, secured the British GT Championship GT4 title in their first year – making her the youngest driver and first female to win a British GT Championship.  In 2017, Jamie switched to single-seaters and competed in the British F3 Championship – she finished a very respectable 9th in this first year.
This year, Jamie has moved over to Formula E cars for the NIO team. We are excited to see Jamie’s journey this year- which brings us to the thinking that we should really start designing a miniature silver Formula E car to go with the rest of our racing car collection, don’t you think!?

We will be sharing Jamie's successes, so do give her a follow-
Facebook – Jamie Chadwick Racing
Twitter - @jamiechadwick55
Instagram - @jamiechadwick55

Nathalie McGloin
Our next racer is BEYOND inspirational – prepared to be amazed! Nathalie McGloin is the first female with a spinal cord injury to be granted both a racing and a rally licence in the UK. Not only is Nathalie the only disabled driver in her championship she is also the only women! Having broken her neck in a car crash when she was 16, Nathalie is completely paralysed from the chest down yet she competes against able bodied men- When you put it like that, if that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!

Her specially adapted car means she is at no real disadvantage to her fellow racers. Driving a Cayman S in various events, Nathalie’s car has been fitted with radial hand controls which operate on a push forward to brake, push down to accelerate mechanism. She often speaks of how at just aged 16, a car took nearly everything from her but how incredibly, through racing, a car has given nearly everything she lost back.
Nathalie’s relationship with her car is an unlikely love story of defeat, triumph and ultimately freedom. Wow. Nathalie is just about to take part in her very first rally at Donnington and we cannot wait to follow her progress- of course, we will be sharing this on our social media pages too!
After only three short years in the sport, in 2018 Nathalie was appointed President of the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission (responsible for the governing body’s global policies on disabled participation in motorsport) and is also a Dare to be Different Ambassador.
Nathalie owns one of our stunning Silverstone pendants and is often seen wearing it on her social media pages and in press.
Nathalie’s attitude is simple, and actually so similar to Alyssa’s-
If you want something badly enough, you always find a way to achieve it.
With her attitude of never giving up, she hopes to inspire others to
* ditch the excuses
* really believe in yourself
* mark your clear pathway to success. 
We completely agree with this moto – anything really is possible if you put your mind to it! Go Nathalie, we are so happy to be profiling you and helping spread the news about your talents and success throughout the season! 

Facebook – Nathalie McGloin Racing
Twitter - @nathaliemcgloin
Instagram – @nathaliemcgloinracing
Jade Edwards
Our final racer is Jade Edwards, another British racer- this time, sportscars! Jade is from a family of racers and began her racing career in 2006, in the Ginetta Junior championship. Just 15 at the time, she finished 9th in the championship!
A really interesting fact about Jade is that she often races with or competes against her sister! Nothing wrong with a bit of sibling rivalry, hey!

In 2008, Jade moved to the Senior series and shared her sisters MG ZR for the SportMaxx Cup.  In 2012, she finished 37th in the Max5 Championship, including two 3rd places, plus nine more top 10’s!

In 2014, Jade and her sister raced together in the Aston Martin GT4 Challenge at Donington, and won their race, which was a female first for the championship! We think it’s time Jade sported one of our Donington tracks, don’t you?
When Jade isn’t racing, she works within the motorsport industry as a driving instructor, in PR, and as a tyre technician too. She also took part in ITV’s motorsport game show, Drive, in 2016, where she was a driving instructor to Johnny Vegas. We bet that was fun! (And we would rather Jade than us!)

More recently in 2017 and 2018, Jade has been racing in the Clio Cup, securing funding for this via social media! Investment and sponsorship are so important to drivers, and they work tirelessly to secure it for each season.  Jade is the proud owner of one of our stunning Flag bracelets too- The flag was our very first piece of motorsports jewellery that we ever made for the Smith and Perry collection, and has remained one of our most popular pieces to this day!
We will be following Jade’s career too why don’t you find her on social media and show your support too…

Facebook – Jade Edwards – Racing Driver
Twitter - @Jade Edwards9
Instagram - @jadeedwards_9

Dare to be Different – D2BD
Off the track, Jamie ,Tatiana and Nathalie are Ambassadors for the Dare to be different initiative.
This recognises and supports women in the motorsports industry- from drivers, to engineers and also broadcasters. The initiative wants to highlight female role models to new generations of girls starting out in the industry- Well, they sound just like us then don’t they! The scheme is a joint venture between Susie Wolff and the Motor Sports Association. We are thrilled to be teaming up with D2BD this year, so keep an eye on their social media to find out just how we’re getting on board!
Find more about this fantastic initiative here -
Follow them on Instagram here- @d2bdofficial
We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and remember to check our social media pages for all the updates about these women, and so much more!
Written by – Natalie
Edited by- Alyssa