Bespoke Jewellery

'Let me wave my magic wand and make your dreams come true... Anything that you can think of, I can make for you!'' Alyssa Smith.

Alyssa specialises in creating bespoke jewellery and works closely with each customer, helping to turn your ideas into reality by designing and creating your perfect piece. Alyssa incorporates style, hidden meaning and symbolism into her designs and will gather information to help develop and finalise your design.

Bespoke jewellery need not be expensive as you define your own budget. Alyssa welcomes bespoke jewellery of all kinds, whether it be a present for yourself, a loved one, the celebration of a new baby or new mummy, bespoke mens jewellery, jewellery with hidden meaning, your name written in your own hand writing... the list goes on!

Alyssa also specialises in Bridal jewellery for your special day - from necklaces and earrings, favours, something 'blue', bridesmaid jewellery, mens cufflinks and also Wedding bands.

Alyssa works with many international customers, not just people here in the UK... Just because you are overseas, it does not mean Alyssa cannot create something bespoke for you!

Birthstone Gemstones

''Using birthstone gemstones in jewellery is becoming more and more popular. I am increasingly being asked to design and make bespoke jewellery which symbolises the month someone was born - Whether it be a piece for yourself with your own birth stone and/or your partners, childrens birthstones, a piece to celebrate the birth of a new baby, or even the gemstone to symbolise the month a person got married or engaged! Sometimes my customers want to have pieces which symbolise lots of things, so working out the correct gemstones, as well as making sure they look great together is a really fun project! 

Some birthstones are harder to work with than others as they don't work well when set into certain designs (for example, we don’t set pearls (one of Junes birthstones) or opals (October) into our jewellery, but may use a pearl along side a piece in the form of a bead instead of setting it directly into the silver or gold)
Luckily, there are alternative stones for each month which are much easier to work with, and in our opinion, much more beautiful too! The illustration on this page shows the most common birthstone gemstones for each month. I really hope you will find this information of use to you!

We set stones into lots of our bespoke pieces, and not just birthstones either. One of our most popular stones to set is actually a gorgeous purple tanzanite! If you’ve never seen a tanzanite before, then it’s a real feast for the eyes! We set our stones into a vast array of metals including sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold (9 and 18 carat) as well as also using platinum too.

If you’d like to get in touch with #teamalyssa about having something special made with a birthstone set into it, then you can use the contact form on this page to send us a message! Have a lovely day, and don’t forget to sparkle!”
Alyssa x