How the Bespoke Jewellery process works at Alyssa Smith Jewellery

One of our specialties here at Alyssa Smith Jewellery (or ASJ as our regular customers know us as!) is creating beautiful bespoke jewellery.
Our small, but very wonderful team work closely with each customer, helping to turn ideas into reality by designing and creating your perfect piece. Alyssa can incorporate hidden meaning, symbolism, romance, memories, engraving and gemstones into your special piece of jewellery and will gather up relevant information to help develop and finalise your design. 
We can even create jewellery for you from photographs! - whether it is something you’ve seen on someone on tv and want to recreate it in your own way, or you might even want to give us a picture of your pet, and we can use this as a starting point to create a piece of jewellery from this!
Bespoke jewellery need not be overwhelmingly expensive, as you can define your own budget. Alyssa welcomes bespoke jewellery of all kinds, whether it be a present for yourself (very common!), a loved one, the celebration of a new baby or new mummy, an anniversary, bespoke mens jewellery including chains, cufflinks and tie slides- to jewellery with hidden meaning, your name written in your own hand writing, or a memory from your favourite place... the list goes on!

Alyssa also specialises in Bridal jewellery for your special day - from necklaces and earrings, favours, something 'blue', bridesmaid jewellery, mens cufflinks and also Wedding bands… do get in touch if you’d like to discuss something for your special day!

Alyssa works with many international customers, not just people here in the UK... Just because you are overseas, it does not mean Alyssa cannot create something bespoke for you! All of our bespoke communication is primarily conducted via email. This makes it easier to send and receive ideas, and especially for overseas customers where a time difference is common! 

Bespoke Jewellery Steps

Getting Started

It helps to browse through current designs of Alyssa's, our past bespoke projects or other jewellery you like the feel of. We recommend you gather some rough ideas and inspiration for the sort of jewellery you might like, along with a rough budget (lowest to highest). Giving us a rough budget from the start always helps with the designing process, so we can suggest ideas to suit your ideal spend.
Do not worry if you are stuck for ideas and inspiration during the early stages; that’s perfectly normal!
Bespoke Jewellery Steps

Design Stage

Discuss your ideas and budget with our lovely team here at Alyssa Smith Jewellery, we’re always so pleased to help you and just love taking on new and exciting projects!

Email, or private facebook messages from our jewellery page are always the best form of contact because this way, we can send over sketches if needed, and keep your information on record incase any of us need to refer back to it at a later stage.

After initial ideas have been spoken about, and sketches/diagrams where necessary have been provided, you are welcome to give feedback and contribute any more ideas to the designs.
Bespoke Jewellery Steps

The Design Process

The next stage is to develop and refine first ideas into real designs! (where needed). Some designs are quite straight forward, so won’t really need much designing, or ‘toing and froing’, so that’s also worth remembering. The process can be quite quick if a customer has a clear idea in mind from the out set, but other projects may take a little longer. This part of the bespoke process is where you can really see the ideas and concepts coming to life. Alyssa works closely with all clients - before, during and after the bespoke design process. If the bespoke jewellery is for a gift, customers often like to keep sketches (where given) to give to the jewellery recipient along with the finished piece.

This is a really popular idea and allows the recipient to see exactly how the piece was designed, and how much of your hard work has gone into the bespoke design! Now! If you're thinking 'my idea is impossible', think again, because it's probably VERY possible!

Alyssa has been known to create all sorts of semmingly impossible designs- from motorbike and car pendants using a picture of the customers real motorbike or car, Disney/cartoon characters, name necklaces from a customers doodle on a piece of scrap paper, any animal you can think of, and jewellery/cufflinks with a company logos on it!
Bespoke Jewellery Steps

Having bespoke jewellery made by Alyssa is a special and unique experience. This is why...

Alyssa will hand craft your jewellery using traditional silversmithing/goldsmithing/stone setting techniques, and should you have decided on gemstones for your design, she will let you choose these yourself if needed. This is common when a gemstone has a variant of colours, to make sure you are happy with the exact colour we’re setting into your piece.

Please note that bespoke pieces take between 5-12 weeks to complete. The actual time frame will depend on a few things including the waiting list and complexity of your project. Do ask us how long your idea might take, and we will normally be able to give you a quick answer once we’ve gathered the information from you about your project.

Once your new jewellery is complete, it will be beautifully gift wrapped in a branded box with ribbons, or pouch, and sent out to you by Royal Mail secure and signed for delivery service- including special delivery, and international signed for.
Bespoke Jewellery Steps


Alyssa can send you photographs via email of your jewellery 'in the making', so that you can see exactly how it has been made from start to finish. (This can be done upon request before the project has been started, but if you don’t let us know before hand, we may not take photos of your project- as we do tend to have lots of lovely things on the go at any one time!)

Although you cannot see our actual jewellery workshop, you can see how your piece is being made, and how your original designs and concepts transform into real jewellery... Some customers like to collect these progress images, along with the bespoke sketches and present them to the jewellery recipient along with the final piece... This certainly makes the jewellery extra special and shows the story behind the finished piece!

Once we have sorted out exactly what you’re after and you’re all smile and happy to go ahead, we will send over your project specifications for you to look through and check- this is important so make sure you read everything carefully at this stage!

Once you are happy with your design specifications (sent to you via email, or on our jewellery facebook page via private message) and have confirmed in writing (via email or facebook message) that all details are correct and that you are ready to go ahead, we can proceed with your order. Payment for bespoke jewellery is required before we can proceed with an order. Our quotes are valid for 15 days from the date of issue due to the fluctuations in metal prices to do bear this in mind. Gold quotes can vary quicker than a quote for jewellery in sterling silver. Once an order has been placed, no major changes can be made and it cannot be cancelled. Any changes made to an order after acceptance of specifications and payment may incur a charge. No cash refunds will be given on any bespoke piece. Alterations may be made after a bespoke piece has been received at a fee- For example, if you require a different chain length, alternative clasp or other alteration, Alyssa will be happy to help but this will not be included in your original price.

Alyssa Smith Jewellery Limited accept payments via our website where you can pay via card, by paypal, or via BACS/bank transfer- but we won’t allow you to make the payment for your bespoke piece until we know you are completely happy with the design and ready to proceed. This is why you will need to confirm that your project specifications are correct and to your satisfaction.

Any changes you make to your bespoke piece after the specifications have been confirmed by the recipient will incur a charge.