About Alyssa Smith

About Alyssa

Welcome welcome to the wonderful world of Alyssa Smith Jewellery!

Alyssa Smith Jewellery emerged into the jewellery scene late 2010, and was born from Alyssa’s lifelong passion for everything tiny and sparkly. Designing and creating jewellery always came naturally to Alyssa, hand making her first wearable pieces at the age of 4, with nothing but some elastic, beads and a little bedroom floor as a workshop. That same bedroom floor was turned into a working office after Alyssa graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Applied Arts and Marketing, and with a small investment of £500 from a family friend to help with raw materials and basic tools. It was shortly after this when Alyssa’s first best seller, the tweetie bird- inspired by social media, took the celebrity world and beyond by storm. Soon, this little silver bird was Alyssa’s signature within the jewellery industry, and famous faces such as Theo Paphitis, Suzi Perry, Dawn Porter, Gail Porter, Caroline Flack, Jamelia, Sheridan Smith and Beverly Knight all donned one.

Based in sunny Hertfordshire, the brand continues to grow organically without further investment, and today, our very small (but wonderfully talented!) team of 4 work hard to continuously refresh and develop our UK designed and manufactured miniature masterpieces.

Exploring innovative ways to create our beautiful versions of complex and intricate designs ensures that we always come up with breakthrough pieces within the jewellery industry…Not only that, but we love to listen to our wonderfully loyal customers too, who often suggest new ideas for our collections which we turn into reality!

We are delighted to have secured partnerships with individuals and organisations such as Silverstone, Brands Hatch and presenter, Suzi Perry with motorsport themed jewellery, as well as supporting some incredible charities such as Promise Dreams Childrens charity.

Who's who at #teamalyssa


Alyssa - Creator of fab jewellery and an utter whirlwind

Just doing what she knows and loves best in life. Multi award winning jewellery designer and entrepreneur who loves the power of imagination and chasing dreams with a big sparkling net.

Thrives on excitement and the unknown, lives on vanilla lattes, pancakes and prosecco (probably in that order), thinks outside the box. Interesting facts include having her face plastered over the back of university busses, filming a TV investment show called the ‘money pit’ for channel DAVE in 2015, high fiving the chancellor George Osborne and getting several well known MP’s in her jewellery, parading her Chihuahua around the houses of parliament in a pink coat, being named one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the UK today and participating in round tables at no.10.
Outspoken, known for saying ridiculous things and absolute gym bunny. Loves historical documentaries, prison break, and wishes that unicorns were real. Inspired by life, uninspired by ‘beige’.

Position- Founder and Director. A creative and unique individual, chief elf and designer/maker of all things sparkling. Official magpie. Wings it most of the time.
Alyssa Smith
Allan - Alyssa Smith jewellery

Allan - The order in the creative whirlwind

Allan has spent his career providing commercial and financial advice to both small and large organisations around the UK. Jack of all trades, but a master of them too. Loves rugby, cricket and rock music. Not keen on period dramas and soaps, much to Alyssa’s dismay.

Position- Business and Commercial Advisor and Mentor. Driving force and just ever so slightly less sparkly in appearance than the females in the team- but don’t worry, it’s a work in progress!

Natalie - social flutterby

Came on the radar a few years ago as a regular customer, knowing nearly as much about our products as Alyssa herself- so when a new position appeared to help manage our social media, Natalie was obviously our first choice! Spectacular at cramming a million and one things into each day (should take taken up professional Juggling) Loves spending time with her family and two young boys, dancing, and anything sparkly. Also runs Oh Sew Wonderful, her handmade bag and accessories company.  Dislikes hangovers, when people have more ASJ pieces than her, and awkward silences. (good job our social media is always buzzing then, huh!)

Position- Social Media wizard and general customer chitter chatterer. Good at being in 5 places at once. Flies around cyberspace with invisible wings.
Natalie - Alyssa Smith jewellery
Jade - Alyssa Smith jewellery

Jade - Apprentice extraordinaire 

The youngest team member. Giggly, kindhearted and creative, with a fresh approach to the workplace. Lover of anything purple, cheesy chips and getting huge deliveries of new clothes delivered to the office on a regular basis. Requires feeding about 10 times a day, wears slippers at work and tells really bad jokes. The definition of what all Apprentices should be. Fave piece of ASJ- the rose gold butterfly pendant.

Position- Apprentice and personal assistant to Alyssa. Has a memory like a virtual calender, which is essential when the boss has a memory like fishnet tights. Fantastic at research and product development, as well as chatting away to our lovely customers every day. The cream to Alyssa’s cracker.

Bambi - Furry sidekick

Alyssa’s furry sidekick with 4 paws. Cross between a Chihuahua and a gremlin, with a hint of furby. Do not feed after midnight. Does not follow commands, unless commands are paired with the offering of chicken. Currently single and ready to mingle.

Position- ‘Helps’ in the office by serving as hot water bottle. Looks good in a wooly jumper.
Bambi - Alyssa Smith jewellery