How to care for your beautiful jewellery...

Now you’ve got your hands on the piece of jewellery you have been lusting over (forever)! It’s time to give it that TLC that it needs to remain looking its best. Follow these easy steps and your jewellery will love you for it.
Keep me safe by making sure I am stored in my original Alyssa Smith packaging- This may be a box or pouch, otherwise I may tarnish or break
Stop me from getting damaged and scratched by keeping me away from other pieces of jewellery. We recommend you store each piece individually
Don’t let me get too hot, damp or wet as this will accelerate the tarnishing process
Keep me away from any chemicals such as chlorine or bleach, as I don’t like these!
Put me on as a finishing touch- after make up, moisturisers and perfumes have been applied
Sterling silver will tarnish over time, so if I look a little unloved or off-colour, don’t worry- just clean me with one of Alyssa’s polishing cloths, or dip me in a silver dip and I will soon be my sparkly, perky self again soon!
If I am a gold plated item, then please be aware that over time, my coating will fade and rub off- but if you look after me, I will last longer. It is best to use a polishing cloth and gentle movements on a gold plated piece
If I am a charm and I am paired with something else, I will scratch over time. This is natural with any metal parts which touch so please bear this in mind when placing charms on a bracelet, or when wearing items layered together
If you want to keep your chains looking their sparkliest, we recommend a silver dip instead of a cloth, so that all moving parts can have a good clean

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