The Extraordinary Days of Alyssa Smith Jewellery

This Blogging malarky seems to be slightly addictive, especially when I have so much to share with you all! So here comes my second blog post! 

2014 has been a great year for Alyssa Smith Jewellery so far, and I've had the chance to meet some really well known faces! In January, I was lucky enough to meet our Chancellor, George Osborne at an event with the Federation of Small Businesses, where I took part in a video for them and the Government. Whilst speaking to George Osborne, he happened to notice the piece of jewellery I was wearing (my favourite Horse & Carriage necklace!) and asked me if the piece was rose gold.

As it turns out, George was absolutely correct, and I was absolutely shocked that someone like him (you know what I mean!) could identify rose gold! So... I hi-fived him!

...To cut a long story short, the hi-five didn't seem to go down too badly- so I am now delighted to be making him some cufflinks! (I feel another blog post coming on when they are finished!)

I was also lucky enough in March 2014 to go for a breakfast meeting at the Houses of Commons to meet the leader of the opposition, Ed Milliband. A select few members of the Federation of Small Businesses (including myself) went along to speak with Ed, to let him know about the problems small businesses are facing today.

It was a really great morning- I feel that we got a lot of messages and concerns across to the leader of the opposition, and I feel so proud to have been a part of being able to speak on behalf of so many small business owners like myself around the UK. 

But you know... one thing led to another, and never one to miss out a bit of sparkly self-promotion, and I ended up making Ed Milliband some jewellery too! You can check this out below! Very proud of this gorgeous tie slide, even if it was one of the hardest things I have ever crafted!


I was very honoured and excited to have been chosen in March 2014 to go to the Federation of Small Businesses Annual Conference in Manchester,where I was part of the FSB Next Generation Campaign. This is where I was able to personally give Ed Milliband his tie side- which he was abslutely delighted with, and even wrote me a hand written thank you letter, expressing how much he loved it!

He even mentioned me and his tie slide in his speech! Click the video below to watch it. I must admit, I did do a little dance when I saw this!!! You will need to forward to 5 minutes and 10 seconds in to the speech.

Below is a photograph of a few of us from the Next Generation Federation of Small Business group on stage at the annual conference-

It's all very exciting isn't it! I am absolutely loving all of these opportunities to spread the word of Alyssa Smith Jewellery further afield every month, and am overjoyed with the bespoke projects it has all lead to!

Have a wonderful and sparkly week and thanks for catching up!
Alyssa x