Social Media makes our sparkly world go round!

Hi there! *waves*
For those of you who are new to Alyssa Smith Jewellery, or have never met me before- my name is Nat! I am part of #teamalyssa and I help run and update our social media pages. Social media is an absolutely huge part of ASJ, and it definitely makes our world go round…and round…and round!!
I started working with Alyssa in July 2015 (nearly 1 whole year ago) having started off as a very loyal customer (why would you wear any other jewellery?) This was way back in 2011 when Alyssa had not long started her business.  I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked me to join the team, and I’m now loving my position as a Social Media Chitter Chatterer, and getting to know you all on a daily basis!

Did you know I originally found Alyssa and her Jewellery on social media!?
It was in 2011 that I first got addicted to social media, and in particular- twitter!  I religiously checked my timeline to see all the happenings in cyber space.  I loved that you got to hear information straight from the person Tweeting and not any made up rubbish like what is sometimes published in the papers or gossip magazines. I loved finding new people to follow whose content was entertaining and funny.  Well known TV personality and writer, Dawn Porter (as she was then) was one person who was exactly that and was one of the first people I followed.  One of the days that I was performing my daily timeline scanning ritual I noticed a post about a necklace that Dawn was wearing. It was of the word “TOTES” which I thought was amazing! And hilarious! Totes, for those of you left scratching your head in a daze, is short for TOTALLY!
Dawn mentioned the girl who had made it…so I started following the account of @alyssajewellery
This is a great example of how social media can really work for a business and has been a winning formula for Alyssa Smith Jewellery.  If Dawn hadn’t tweeted those pictures of her Alyssa Smith necklace, I may never have found Alyssa! As it turns out, all was well in my world, and thanks to Dawn (@Hotpatooties) I now have the best jewellery collection ever (although my bank balance would be a lot healthier if I hadn’t – haha!) as well as a fabulous friend and now boss!

This kind of referral system is fantastic for small brands like ASJ as it obviously maximises how many potential customers we can reach every day. 
Having an online presence via social media really does help us to be found when you search online for something.  We have built ourselves a fantastic platform to show you all our new products, share funny stories and listen to yours, find out what kind of jewellery you would love to see us make for you all in the future, launch competitions and fun giveaways for our followers, and of course- try and entertain you with everything sparkly! We’re a funny bunch, even if we do say so ourselves!
But surely a business is just a business, even on social media?
Well that is where you’re wrong! For us, our social media pages aren’t just a platform to sell on or showcase our products to the masses. Social media is the place where we feel like we can connect to anyone in the world. We can listen to all of your suggestions, get to know you all, keep up and AHEAD of trends, and we even have groupies- who have come together and become actual friends, not just online friends…. through their mutual love of our jewellery! People who didn’t know each other and come from all ends of the country have been brought together by our jewellery- and we’ve been out and about meeting lots of you too- it’s great!
When I first started following Alyssa of course I loved the jewellery but more than that she was great at engaging with her followers.  She replied all the time which was a novel experience as celebrities almost never reply- which makes you read what they say but not engage with them.  I also remember the feeling I got when she retweeted one of my tweets for the first time.  She made me feel really important.  This is the way we still continue to run our social media pages at ASJ and engaging with our customers is one of our top priorities – and I’m so excited that I now get to talk to all of our customers too!
Eat, Tweet, Re-tweet, Repeat!
Social media is an essential part of any business, especially a retail brand.  It is our best tool to get information to you, our customers, quickly and efficiently although being restricted to 140 characters (on Twitter) for a serial chatterer can be tricky!
Even at the weekends and over Christmas when our physical workshop is closed, we’re STILL AROUND on social media where we can often reply to you within minutes! And in our opinion, this is the best bit about social media- you don’t have to wait ages for someone to get back to you via email or phone- and we’re even known to talk to our customers overseas in the middle of the night!
99.9% of the time, our social feeds are filled with sunshine and rainbows (of course!), but on the rare occasion that we get any negative feedback on social media, our responses are open and honest and we can always resolve matters quickly.  It’s the best way for the ASJ brand to have transparency and build great relationships with you all. We’re known for our fantastic customer service, and we’re always trying to continue to improve this too!
Let the sun shine, let the sun shine baby!
One of the most important aspects of ASJ is Alyssa herself and her personality, which always shines through on her social media pages…  She is like no one else I have ever met. She is very driven and passionate without end about her jewellery and the business as a whole. I feel I have gone with her on a long journey – from her early days to where she is now (mega jewellery stardom)!  How else would you get to have this much insight into someone’s life and achievements and really feel you have got to know them when you have never even met them?  Alyssa’s personality and customer interaction through the social media pages is what has encouraged me to come back again and again (and again…and again…)! 
With each purchase I felt I was not just getting a stunning piece of jewellery but also getting a piece of Alyssa too! We want to make you all feel this special every time you engage with us through all means of communication.  This (and obviously the stunning sparkles) has helped Alyssa to grow and maintain her followers on twitter to a current 17k and Facebook likes to 16k. Amazing!
We hope you love engaging with us on social media, and don’t forget that if there’s any jewellery you would love to see us launch in the future… we would love to hear about it!
If you are not already connected with us on social media, why not??? Haha… Only kidding - you can find us here… pop over and say hello!!!
Lots of love and sparkles
Nat xoxo

Title- Social Media makes our sparkly world go round!
Publisher- Natalie Uff
Position- Social Butterfly
Date- 18/05/16