Sparkles for Smiles

My first blog post of the year, and very much overdue I am afraid to say! Life just takes a hold and before you know it, half a year has gone, and you've forgotten to blog. So much to say and so little time, don't you agree?! So this year, I've decided to make the effort to blog a little bit more, and let you all see inside the life and runnings of Alyssa Smith Jewellery. It is afterall, such a magical and fantastical place, and I can think of nothing better than sharing our stories and exciting happenings with you all!

So here go my first shennanigans of 2015!... There is something I've been meaning to start for a while now, and even though we're a few months into the year, today seemed like a really good day to begin.

Do you ever go into a coffee shop or gift shop and you're greeted with a big, friendly smile and lovely service? (I'm using these two places as an example, but obviously there are sooo many other places!) How did it make you feel when that person was nice to you? I bet it made your day, or at least made you stop and think how nice it was?.... See the thing is, a smile and good service doesn't cost a thing, and I've come across some lovely people in the past, all in various places and from different walks of life- just doing their job, but doing it SO well!

We are quick to moan when people are grumpy and give us bad service, but when someone gives you exceptional service, they are rarely rewarded (other than by tipping perhaps) because one might just assume that they are just doing a job that they are paid to do. Which is obviously correct, but it got me thinking....

...And it all started at one of my favourite places- STARBUCKS! Yes, as most of you are very well aware, most mornings, I do require a naughty drink of the coffee, add syrup, add more coffee, add more syrup variety, and there is always a certain person working in my local starbucks in the mornings who greets all of the customers with such a lovely smile, and chats away to them (remembering their names!) even when the queue is out of the door and meandering around the corner.... (see, for me, this would be a mega stress trigger and i'd be messing absoutely everyones orders up!) ...and do you know what? It's almost like there is nothing that is too much bother for her. This lady remembers things about peoples lives- what they do, where they work, what drink they have, what they said they were doing at the weekend, and so much more... and I just remember thinking to myself that Starbucks were so lucky to have someone like that work with them. Not only making your mornings more 'buzzy' and lively with a yummy coffee, but also because you walk away from that place feeling like a person who matters- like someone has taken notice of you, rather than being just another 'order number'.

So I recently decided to start a new inititive, and I'm calling it Sparkles for Smiles. Or #Sparklesforsmiles if you want to pick up on the hash tag and start using it on social media.

Throughout 2015, I'm going to be looking out for people who give me exceptional customer service at work, and then I'm going to be sending them Sparkles for Smiles to their work, to say thank you for brightening my day! Random acts of kindness in the sparkliest form possible! ...So if you receive something like the below to your place of work this year, you will know why! :-)

My Sparkles for Smiles look something like this, and I'm happy to announce that the first person to receive their Sparkles for Smiles will in fact be the girl mentioned above from Starbucks, who has inspired this entire initiative to happen..

I will keep blogging as and when more Sparkles for Smiles happen, and in the mean time, why not think about how you can brighten someones day with a random act of kindness, or just a lovely smile at work... you never know who's day you might be making!!

Best wishes

Alyssa x