Good enough for the Daily Mail's 'Luxe List' for the Monaco GP!? That's good enough for us!

We're soooo excited to see our incredible Smith and Perry sterling silver flag studs featuring in the Daily Mail 'Luxe List' for perfect wears for the Monaco Grand Prix 2019!

On Sunday 19th May 2019, the Daily Mail’s newest magazine, the 'check in and upgrade' mag, featured our lovely little flag studs as the perfect accessory to show your support at the prestigious, upcoming Monaco grand prix - and we couldn't agree more!
These adorable flag studs are perfectly made in sterling silver and are part of our incredible flag collection which you can find here. They are even waved like a real flag blowing in the wind, and the chequered bits are tiny cut out holes- incredible to get this amount of detail into something so small- We’re really proud of this incredible design, and our flags are available as a whole collection- including necklaces, bracelets, charms and drop earrings too! These wonderful studs sold out extremely fast when they were launched last year and are still exceeding popular to this day, too! The perfect choice for our motorsports fans jewellery wardrobe

Whether you've had your eye on these for a while, and have been waiting to snap them up, or you've only just discovered them... now might be the perfect time to pick them up!

Looking for other fabulous pieces to wear over the motorsport season? Check out our amazing motorsport collection here; we even have incredible Monaco racetrack pieces! Thanks for reading and catching up with team alyssa!