Want to see something SUPER SPARKLY?

Then come this way…

Let’s start by having a little think about the most sparkly thing you have ever seen… Got that? Okay, now multiply that by about 100000 and that’s how sparkly our stunning glittering enamel unicorns are! If you haven’t seen these before, they are one of team Alyssa’s absolute favourites, and when you wear them in the sunshine, they really come alive!
As we are sure you will all know, at Alyssa Smith Jewellery we just LOVE unicorns. We love to get lost in childhood memories, and anything glittery and sparkling is welcomed into our lives in any way. We have a very majestic and beautiful unicorn head in our reception area on the wall at Sparkle Towers HQ- which makes our postman laugh every day when they come to collect our parcels to send all over the world. We have unicorn stamps, stickers, rubbers, hot water bottles- You name it, we most probably have it!
So when we designed this spectacular piece, we were thinking ‘what would make our unicorn loving customers go “WOW I NEED THAT?”’. We already had two unicorns in our collection, but we wanted to make something really unique, and something we had never done before.
And what better than a silver unicorn packed full of glitter?! Many of you have adored our glitter unicorns since their launch last year, and they have flown (quite literally) out of our workshop and onto your charm bracelets, or safely around your neck for you to show off and adore!
Since we first started writing this blog (ages ago now, but we were so busy we never got round to finishing it!) we’ve since launched a second unicorn, packed full of another colour of glitter.  Our first was so popular, we wanted to try something else, and- our new one has gone down a storm too!

“But how did you get this glitter inside the jewellery?” we hear you say! Well, here is the story of how…And until now, this has been a question we’ve never given the answer to!
Team Alyssa decided to sit down to business (as we always do!) to plan our new unicorn- wanting to make sure that you, our customers, would absolutely adore it, but we just didn’t know where to start! We thought long and hard- throwing ideas round and filling up our sketch book like we usually do with new designs, and somehow came up with one of our best ideas yet… A UNICORN HEAD! But how were we going to give it the WOW-factor? WITH GLITTER OF COURSE!
We searched high and low to try and find the most gleaming glitter possible; looking for colour inspiration from sparkly paper and glitter glues from craft shops, nail glitter and make up, to facepaint and even spray paint! We may have strayed along the way with looking at sparkly shoes and clothes, but only for research reasons - of course!
Once we had found some good contenders, it was time to test all of them (it’s a hard life playing with glitter, don’t you know?)

Until one day, we liaised with our own personal glitter fairy, and she created us the most PERFECT and SHIMMERING glitter of all! Once we had come up with something which could be mixed with a base coat enamel in a lighter shade than the glitter (a little bit like gel nails, we suppose!) we could encapsulate it inside, and then fill it with a top coat of clear enamel! The heart below was the result of our testing, and we had finally come up with something nearly perfect

Soon after this, our first batch of purple glittery unicorns were ready and flying off to their new homes. We like to keep our jewellery very exclusive and make things in limited runs, so although our purple glitter unicorns have now come to an end, you are still able to buy our brand new, baby pink holographic glitter unicorn charms and necklaces which are new for 2019. These are exactly the same as our original purple ones, but instead, are  filled with the most beautiful colour ever- it reminds us of real fairy dust, actually!
Just like the original Stardust the glitter unicorn charms and necklaces, there is only a limited amount of these too– so don’t miss out on these wonderful pieces if you would like to add some extra sparkle to your lives this year

We hope that you love these gorgeous pieces just as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you
Lots of Love
#TeamAlyssa x
Written by- Jade
Edited by- Alyssa