A Royal-ly Splendid Arrival

A new Royal Prince deserves a Royal-ly great arrival!

There is a new arrival… and nothing less than a Royal Baby!!! Hoooray! … And as the very first pictures start to emerge of our new little Prince- Archie, we’ve got a rather new special arrival of our very own too!!
In January, (like every year) we began brain storming new jewellery ideas for the year ahead, and I've always wanted to make a piece of jewellery specifically FOR a new mum, as a congratulations gift, or push present (so they are called in the USA...Meghan will know all about these- you can also read about them in another of our blogs!)
I really wanted to create something special which she (mum) could treat herself to, and cherish and treasure... Or something perfect which you could buy your very best friend, sister, partner or colleague... A masterpiece which means a great deal to both the giver, and the recipient. I believe that jewellery really is like special treasure, and when you pick something for a loved one or yourself, the meaning behind why you have chosen this piece really will create memories for years to come.

But where do babies even come from?
A stork is such a traditional new baby symbol... haven't we all been told at some point in our lives that we came from a stork? And mums, have you told your own child they he/she was delivered by a stork in a little wrapped up bundle!? Of course, you have!

I've loved this story ever since I began my fascination with the film Dumbo when I was just a wee dot myself. I wanted to time the launch of our special new collection with the birth of the new royal baby....and thank god we managed it!  It was a push to get this masterpiece designed, prototyped and perfected in just a few months, but just as the baby arrived, and a few hours before his name was announced- we managed to launch our own new arrival!
I’ve decided to call this gorgeous piece, and collection ‘Bundle of Joy’ – this was before Prince Harry announced to the media that he had his own little bundle of joy- and once I saw this announced, I just KNEW I had given our collection of gorgeous Stork jewellery the right, and perfect name!
Photo credit to the Mail Online  ​

A little bit about the design work in this special piece
This incredible solid sterling silver stork is totally made in 3dimensional form, and I've actually used the wings from our Pegasus flying horse as inspiration for the wing detail on this piece.
The bundle of joy in the storks beak even has a little knot in it...which was a really important element of the design for me to get in there!!! I remember in the Disney film, Dumbo- seeing that little knot being untied to reveal the sweetest baby elephant… and this scene stayed in my memories forever!
I've kept the detail in his legs too (he even has little backwards bendy knee detail!) even though this was really difficult on such a small scale- and you can add a special birthstone to this piece if you like too!
We have 13 colours available, ranging from pink and blue, to clear neutral and greens and reds!

The collection details
I am beyond excited to announce the arrival of our Bundle of Joy stork collection as a necklace, charm and also a bracelet... All designed to be worn close to your heart every day.
This collection even makes a gorgeous keepsake piece for your own child- an heirloom… Just an idea…Food for thought! You can even pass yours down to your future generations, which is exactly what I will intend to do with mine when the time comes to start my own family

Find our stork collection here, and fall in love- https://www.alyssasmith.co.uk/search.php?search=stork

I really hope you will think it's as perfect as I do for someone dear and near to you!
Lots of love
Alyssa x
Written and edited by- Alyssa Smith