Good enough for the Daily Mail's 'Luxe List' for the Monaco GP!? That's good enough for us!

We're soooo excited to see our incredible Smith and Perry sterling silver flag studs featuring in the Daily Mail 'Luxe List' for perfect wears for the Monaco Grand Prix 2019!

On Sunday 19th May 2019, the Daily Mail’s newest magazine, the 'check in and upgrade' mag, featured our lovely little flag studs as the perfect accessory to show your support at the prestigious, upcoming Monaco grand prix - and we couldn't agree more!
These adorable flag studs are perfectly made in sterling silver and are part of our incredible flag collection which you can find here. They are even waved like a real flag blowing in the wind, and the chequered bits are tiny cut out holes- incredible to get this amount of detail into something so small- We’re really proud of this incredible design, and our flags are available as a whole collection- including necklaces, bracelets, charms and drop earrings too! These wonderful studs sold out extremely fast when they were launched last year and are still exceeding popular to this day, too! The perfect choice for our motorsports fans jewellery wardrobe

Whether you've had your eye on these for a while, and have been waiting to snap them up, or you've only just discovered them... now might be the perfect time to pick them up!

Looking for other fabulous pieces to wear over the motorsport season? Check out our amazing motorsport collection here; we even have incredible Monaco racetrack pieces! Thanks for reading and catching up with team alyssa!

ASJ, proud new sponsors of…

Hot off the press from your favourite jewellers at Alyssa Smith Jewellery! How very different is this..! Pop the kettle on, pour yourself a cup of your favourite brew, and come and read about our brand-new partnership!

Alyssa Smith Jewellery and MB Partners are delighted to announce that Smith&Perry, the renowned motorsport collection from Alyssa Smith, has become young racing driver – Joseph Katsantonis’ latest partner as he gears up for an exciting season of track action. The talented young karter is looking forward to his first full season in the IAME Cadet class of 2019 and will be taking to the track proudly supported by the UK’s finest motorsport jewellery collection (that’s us, of course!)
Gaining international recognition through our work in the jewellery industry, many of you will know that our collections have extended into a new field courtesy of our passion of all things motorsport! Collaborating with renowned motorsport presenter Suzi Perry, the Smith&Perry exclusive motorsport collection is the first of its kind. From 3D helmet charms and necklaces to race track pieces, the collection is loved by many! Some of you will have seen an exclusive peek of the brand-new carbon fibre jewellery collections!
The new partnership with the talented Katsantonis will see him carry Smith&Perry branding throughout his 2019 competitions, and Joseph will work alongside Alyssa Smith on new and exciting plans for the Smith&Perry collection… we wonder what it could involve? Stay tuned to find out!
Having first met with Joseph in November last year, Alyssa Smith is delighted to be supporting an exciting talent that she feels represents her brand perfectly!

For his age, Joseph is an incredibly likeable and ambitious young talent. I first met Joseph at the MB Partners’ Official Partner event at the end of last year and I thought he was the star of the show! He made us laugh loads, and we even raced him for fun on some of the simulators... We have got some exciting plans ahead and I’m sure there’ll be lots of success for us both on and off the track this year!” - Alyssa Smith

Joseph is equally excited to be working with Smith&Perry and is very thankful to the team for their support ahead of an important year on the track

“It is great to be working with Alyssa and her team this year. I’m proud to be carrying their logos throughout the season and cannot wait for the new season to start!” – Joseph Katsantonis

On behalf of everyone at Alyssa Smith Jewellery, we wish Joseph the best of luck, and we are sure our customers will love following his story this season too! Keep an eye on our social media pages where we will follow Joseph throughout 2019!

Follow joseph on Instagram here - @josephkatsantonis

Lots of love
Alyssa x

It’s official! Our Silverstone Jewellery License has been extended!

We are beyond delighted to officially be able to announce that our jewellery license with the one and only ‘Silverstone UK’ has been extended! (Feb 2019) We know that all our customers will be very happy about this seeing as it has been one of our best-selling race track pieces of all time. In fact, this racetrack was the first in our collection back in ‘the old days’!

The popularity of our beautiful Silverstone jewellery makes it so hard to believe that the collection actually started in Alyssa’s workshop (nothing but a mere outside garage at the time!) with Alyssa making each and every one by hand using her tiny saw! The lead times on these pieces were huge, but our wonderful customers didn’t mind one bit! After this newspaper article in the Mirror was published, they became SUPER popular, making it difficult for Alyssa to keep up with the demand! This is when our special licence with Silverstone was granted- and has been renewed several times since.

Click the image below to read the article online from the Mirror, which shaped our motorsports collection

Our Silverstone collection now consists of so many different pieces such as; charms (with or without a sparkly stone at the start/finish line), men’s engraved cufflinks, necklaces tracing the track outline, for both her and for him (you can even get one with a sparkly stone set into the start/finish line on the ladies version), tiny studs for your ears, and most recently- a brand new bracelet!
We also have occasional limited-edition pieces such as our 3D helmets with the Silverstone logo engraved on the back (in miniature form!) and Silverstone track necklaces with gorgeous precious gemstones set in the start/finish line! Our current limited edition features a lovely blue Topaz.

Fun fact time - Did you know, we donate a select amount of proceeds from every one of our Silverstone jewellery pieces sold to Promise Dreams Childrens Charity (which Suzi Perry is a patron of. If you’re interested, or want to see how the money has helped children all around the UK, you can find out more here) – So, not only are you owning a piece of history with so many memories by loving our Silverstone jewellery, but you’re also helping to grant wishes for terminally and seriously ill children around the UK too!
Check out our motorsport collections to see which other pieces we give select proceeds to and find out how you can help such a great cause -
We are so happy to officially have our special license extended with Silverstone - and thank you to everyone for your continued support, purchasing our gorgeous Motorsports collections! We will see you at Silverstone for this years British Grand Prix- it’s going to be a good one!!!
Why not check out our remarkable motorsport collections for her and for him. There is something here for all motorsport lovers!

Lots of love and sparkles,
Team Alyssa xx