The 10 Year Challenge

Then and now- The challenge sweeping the social media world right now!

Over the years, we have seen many social media trends come and go (from the dull and questionable, to the damn right insane!) We’ve witnessed everything from the floss dance to the ice bucket challenge, the mannequin challenge and people putting their pets faces through a hole in a slice of bread! And the ridiculous tide pod challenge – Just why? At team Alyssa, we look at, and question why anyone would do some of these things, but the 10-year challenge that swept the nation over the last month is definitely something we can get on board with!

The 10-year challenge is actually quite significant to both Alyssa herself, and to the brand Alyssa Smith Jewellery too... Whilst reflecting on the last 10 years and sifting through photo after photo to see how far we have come during this time (and it’s soooo far!) we realised- Alyssa Smith Jewellery is actually 10 years old THIS YEAR!

10 years ago this year, Alyssa had just graduated from university (this nearly didn't happen at one stage, but that's another story for another day!) ... and within months, she had managed to get her incredible jewellery published in magazines- both online and in print too! How incredible is that?!

She even managed to win over well-known celebrities from the singer, Jamelia to Caroline Flack and Sheridan Smith, and they wore some stunning bespoke pieces created by Alyssa, as well as the 'Tweetie Bird’ which was Alyssa's signature piece- putting her on the jewellery map worldwide. The Tweetie bird was like no other jewellery on the market- taking inspiration from Twitter for its theme! 

It's strange to think that 10 years ago, Alyssa was working on her bedroom floor on her own, at her parents’ house- she called this her workshop, and this is where it all began (with the occasional help from Mummy & Daddy Sparkles, of course- they still help now!) Alyssa's workbench was one of the important things she purchased with the £500 she had to start her business- the rest of her start-up funds went on tools and raw materials to create her first designs. Alyssa started selling her jewellery on stalls at craft markets and fayres in her spare time, whilst working the rest of the time in a gift shop to earn extra money. The photo below was posted 5 years ago on our social media pages, when Alyssa Smith Jewellery was 5 years old- showing a stall Alyssa had rented in Old Spittalfields Market when she was just starting up. It was minus 4 outside (it was an outside market!) and she didn’t sell one thing- not even enough to make the money back for the stand- but she never gave up on her dream




Against all the odds (and believe us, there were a LOT of odds along the way!) we not only survived, but managed to grow an incredible, 5-star reputation and brand... It all seems so long ago now to think how it was started on a bedroom floor- and fast-forward 10 years to right now, and we have a huge office which is big enough for sack races in our royal mail delivery/collection sacks – tried and tested - yoga balls (essential office purchases) and god knows what else we decide to bring in (we even have a shoe rack at work!) and this office houses our fabulous team of 4.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years but one thing that will never change is Alyssa dressing her pets up in adorable outfits! ;-)

Not only has the company grown (and become Sparkle Towers HQ) Alyssa has also forged a fabulous partnership with Suzi Perry, secured exclusive deals with Silverstone, RetroGP (our Hesketh collection) and Brands Hatch (to name but a few), plus customers all over the world wear her jewellery - EVEN in South Korea... That's right! South Korea!

Yes...Alyssa is still selling on stalls...but now they are stunning showcases at the British Grand Prix and new for 2019- the Goodwood Festival of Speed! (WOW!).

What an incredible journey over 10 years we have had- let’s hope we have another incredible 10 years to come. We have had such incredible support from our fans and customers, and some have been there right from the beginning- we could name so many, but we wouldn't want to breach that boring GRPR word, would we! ;-)

How long have you been on this journey with Alyssa? We would love to hear from you about how you discovered us- you can join in with the chitter chatter over on our social media pages. Also, keep an eye out on social media and newsletters for our 10 year anniversary posts throughout the year to see how far we have come (with your amazing support) and what we accomplish throughout the years to come! If you’re not already signed up to our newsletters, you can do so at the bottom of our website homepage


…Until the next social media craze- goodbye!

Lots of love,

Team Alyssa x